Yukon Engineering Excellence Award

To recognize eminent Engineering achievements by Yukon Professional Engineers and to promote excellence in engineering applied to Yukon’s Northern climate and terrain in the areas of applied research, design, innovation, construction and project management the Yukon Engineering Excellence Award was established. The Awards Committee would like to invite you to submit a nomination for the annual award to recognize engineering achievements of our Members. We hope that in celebrating this award, we also are successful in raising the public’s awareness of the engineering profession in Yukon.

2018 Yukon Engineering Excellence Award

The winner of the Yukon Engineering Excellence Award for 2018 is Stantec Architecture Ltd. for the Pleasant Camp Port of Entry Border Crossing Redevelopment. View all the 2018 award submissions here.

  1. Stantec
  2. Tetra Tech
  3. Yukon Research Centre

View Previous winners here.

Nomination for Award

Nominations may be submitted by any member of Engineers Yukon on or before March 1, 2019. Nominations must be accompanied by sufficient background information and necessary documentation (a short description - 2 pages maximum) of the project/bio on the nominee accompanied by a 5 slide PowerPoint presentation). The project description and PowerPoint presentation should be delivered to the Engineers Yukon office, attention: Registration Coordinator or sent by email to aenzenauer@engineersyukon.ca. If more than a 2 page project bio and 5 slide PowerPoint presentation are submitted only the first two pages and 5 slides will be considered by the evaluation committee. The number of awards presented will be limited to one per year but an award will not necessarily be made every year.

Eligibility for Award

In making its recommendations for the award, the Engineers Yukon Awards Committee will be guided but not bound by the following candidate requirements:

  1. Project must be located in Yukon or in a location near Yukon and serviced from Yukon e.g. Northern British Columbia or Western NWT;
  2. Nominated engineer(s) or teams of engineers must be registered as engineer(s) (in good standing) with the Engineers Yukon and/or the nominated company must hold a permit to practice in Yukon and recognized work must be completed by a registered engineer(s) (in good standing) with Engineers Yukon;
  3. Award will recognize the engineering elements for achievements; and
  4. Preference will be given to projects substantially completed within the last 3 years.

Evaluation Committee

The Awards Committee will oversee the temporary creation of an Evaluation Committee each year and will have the responsibility of reviewing all the nominations for the award to determine whether (or not) nominations meet the eligibility guidelines and whether or not an award will be given. The Evaluation Committee will review the nominations and submit its recommendations for the award to Council for approval.

Criteria for Selection

Consideration will be given to accomplishments within the engineering profession and to recognition earned. Nominations for this award will be rated primarily on the results of engineering applied to create unique Yukon and Northern solutions. The following criteria will be applied in the evaluation:

  1. Northern innovation/adaptation, services which enhance understanding of, and engineering in the northern climate
  2. Sustainability, services which make environmental consideration of and/or increase the sustainability of northern communities
  3. Service to the community including enhancement of community services
  4. Enhancement of the quality of life through engineering and other works


The award will consist of the following:

  1. Plaque with winning recipient’s name and project title;
  2. Award announcement at AGM and presentation at Engineers Yukon Awards Luncheon; and,
  3. Public announcement in local newspaper.

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