About Us

Vision Statement

The vision of Engineers Yukon is to be a strong professional organization with members from diverse fields of Engineering, who recognize the unique challenges of working in a Northern Environment.

Engineers provide a vital leadership role by insisting on: high ethical standards; excellence in quality work; innovative solutions; responsible stewardship of resources; support of regulatory, educational and public advocacy activities; and a commitment to lifelong learning.

As the profession evolves, Engineers Yukon members seek to achieve professional satisfaction and fulfillment, while remaining responsive and relevant to the needs of society.

Committees & Task Forces

Engineers Yukon operates with the help of many volunteers and we can always use more. If you are a member of Engineers Yukon and would like to volunteer for one of the committees listed below please send an email to indicating your interest. Note: many of the meetings are conducted by over the lunch hour in an effort to avoid affecting your time at home and/or work. Click on the committee names below to view the Terms of Reference.

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