Continuing Professional Development Program


Engineers Yukon's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) helps you stay current in your engineering profession. The program was introduced in 2009 and applies to all professional members including limited licenses or L.L. (Eng.) and Life Members. It does not apply to Engineers-in-Training (E.I.T.) or Retired Members (RM). Details and requirements of the program can be found below.

Change of Note: The Engineers Yukon CPD program now includes a new category that allows a member to claim up to 20 CPD hours per year for performing caregiving tasks that are within the scope of the included definition at a rate of one CPD hour for every 15 hours of caregiving. Please see the CPD Summary Sheet for additional information on this new category.

Annual Submission Requirement

On an annual basis, professional members and L.L. Eng. are required to enter their Continuing Professional Development hours online during the renewal process.

Please note: If you are not practicing engineering or have a special consideration (parental leave, health or disability leave, etc.) and are maintaining an Engineers Yukon membership, please contact Engineers Yukon.

Summary of Engineers Yukon CPD Program

  • Target of 240 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) is to be obtained over three years.
  • One PDH is not equal to one hour of time, it varies with each type of activity, please see the summary sheet (PDF) for definition of a PDH for each category.
  • The 240 PDHs must be in at least three of the seven categories shown on the summary sheet (PDF) without exceeding the maximum PDHs per year in each category.
  • It is recommended that each member obtain and claim 80 PDHs per year, but a maximum of 180 PDHs can be claimed in any given year.
  • Unclaimed PDHs can be carried over for up to 2 years.
  • Note: You will have the option of either reporting your hours or declaring you have already reported your CPD hours to another Association with mandatory reporting instead of reporting them again to us. If checking "Reporting Elsewhere" you must select the Association you reported too from the list given (ONLY ASSOCIATIONS WITH A MANDATORY PROGRAM & MANDATORY REPORTING ARE INCLUDED IN THE LIST). Please note: EGBC will be added to the list in July 2022.


If you have questions regarding the Engineers Yukon Continuing Professional Development Program, please contact Engineers Yukon staff.

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